Video Title;
5 Years of Land Ops


This seven minute video is a montage of various Land Ops events starting from Nov. 2009 to Oct. 2014.


The club itself plays what we call land ops which is simply short for land operations. These games include a sophisticated form of geocaching and information sharing between multiple teams.

Featured Video Title;
Monache Meadows Webisode #3


Members of the Land Ops Adventure Club submitted their amateur video footage to Land Ops which was used to produce webisode #3.


Four teams are given assignments to locate temporary caches that contain a variety of tasks. Most of the tasks require them to check in with net control and then to communicate with another team to exchange instructions in order to move on.

Video Title;
4th Annual Fall Desert Operation -
webisode #4


Opertation area; Amboy Crater Region in California desert.


Daytime operation followed by a night op  with an unknown course intertwined within a maze of active railroad tracks.

Video Title;
Land Ops - Webisode #1
about 40 minutes


Watch the details unfold of a search and rescue exercise in the Mojave desert near johnson Valley, California.


Four search teams carry team members from the G.I. Joe Search and Rescue organization to find a lost vehicle and four people who went missing five days earlier.

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